Monday, March 8, 2010

A NEW Dresser and Bookshelves

I want to build almost everything on Knock-Off Wood, but when I tried to build some simple book shelves I realized I'm not ready for that.
While I did manage to get some bookshelves, it wasn't using Ana's plan (my fault, not hers.) Luckily, I had some bookshelves on hand that were too tall for the area I wanted them for... plus they were fold down, so they didn't really seem very substantial. I ended up cutting them down and attaching my mdf to them to create this little book shelf. I "splurged"on some Ralph Lauren paint, which is currently clearanced out at Home Depot and got some vinyl decals on clearance at JoAnne's.
I also had a few pieces left from my Victorian chair that I added to the piece. I'm really happy with how it turned out considering I almost ended up with a pile of mdf instead of shelves.

Now for my "new" dresser. My poor husband thinks I have a vendetta against all his furniture and I really don't mean too.
I have, however, always hated this dresser. Not so much the looks of it but the function... see how you can see from one drawer to the next? Well, in a household of over stuffers that leads to problems... anyway, I ended up stapling some cardboard in between the drawers and we've had some peace in the house so far....
Now for the real changes:
I finally worked up the courage to paint the dresser. I know some people will think it's a crime, but honestly, I love, love, love my dresser now. I think the cream looks so much better against the orange walls.
I also found a home for a favorite flea market find from eons ago... my beautiful sconces.

Ralph Lauren really made the piece. Initially it was just painted cream, but then I got some Ralph Lauren glaze in Tea Stain and it really added to the finish. I feel like I just went to the Pottery Barn and picked out a dresser.
The folks at Home Depot tell me they are going to continue to carry the glazes. I would highly recommend it, it's fantastic stuff.


amanda said...


I love the color of the little bookshelf. I want a table that color in our living room... mail me the leftover paint... kidding. sort of.

your dresser looks AWESOME too! how long did it take? we've talked about repainting our dressers, but I just can't commit to the job... yours looks so good though! and I like the little stand your TV is on, you might have to feature that on an upcoming post. you are so clever!

p.s. i love the little bit of crazy hair in the bottom of one of those dresser pictures! give him a squeeze for me =)

Miss Mustard Seed said...

The dresser looks great. paint is such a great way to transform a piece. Good work!