Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love me some Spring!!!!

Impatient for Spring, I decided to take matters into my own hands and go to Michigan State University's Hidden Lake Gardens to get a sneak peak at what one of my favorite seasons will soon be offering up...

I'm lucky because my little guy likes our little gardening adventures almost as much as I do. I think gardening is great for kids because it really engages their senses. In this case the whole conservatory smelled of flowers.
Jack also got a kick out of seeing the bees hard at work. In the the tropical area, we even saw a four frogs... very exciting for a little boy, as you can imagine.

Now, I think my few little crocuses popping up in the yard will tide me over until the tulips open.


Gracefully Vintage said...

Your Too Cute, i agree, I have been waiting too long for some sun- here in Ca.-one day it is just here and then IT is HERE.. Love the flowers,the smell, the sun.. Thanks for stopping by, i m not the best upholster-er, but i learn each time i do it what i can do better the next time, and most people still love it-so i get a big thrill.. It truly is a whole new world once you can upholster- the ugliest of chair or couch is now your oyster..
Cute Blog.. i clickd follow- would love to see your designs..

amanda said...

so adorable, that boy! and you are right, gardening is really good for the kiddos, I wish I was a little better and more dedicated.

spring is coming, sister!

Yaya said...

Love his boots! I wish I could have been on your adventure. If we plan a week ahead maybe I could, but I know it's hard to do that and you know what Holy week is like around here for your mom! I want to get back to being Jack's yaya....maybe I should start looking for a job at 7 eleven!