Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Help me decide...please!

Okay, so I know I'm going to earn myself the reputation as the willy nilly wood painter and let me just stop you there. It's not true.
Yes, I just painted my dresser. Yes I am planning on painting my kitchens wood cabinets, but these decisions are not made willy nilly. In fact, I've been losing sleep trying to decide whether or not to paint my home's trim (You can see a little of it in this picture.) Painting it wouldn't be a consideration, except, some of it is painted white and some of it is not...in the same room. UGH.
But on to my latest dilemma... I painted my china hutch. I decided to maintain some of the wood, but now, I'm not sure. (I wouldn't have painted this save the fact it had a number of veneer problems.) Any thoughts? Should I just bite the bullet and paint the whole thing?
Input please... I can't lose sleep over this too.


Mrs. Limestone said...

I think the whole thing would look great painted (not loving the mixed wood and painted look). Im not sure what the room looks like where you are using it but I think it would look fab painted a rich charcoal gray with a hot pink interior.

Either way - good luck!!

Centsational Girl said...

Paint it all baby, it will look fabulous ! I agree with Mrs. L, painting the interior would look fab !


amanda said...

yes....paint it! you know, its furniture, paint it! for whatever reason, my only painting-wood-hang-up is when it is connected to the actual house.

what color are you thinking? I like the idea of painting the inside too, not necessarily the previously mentioned color-scheme... that just doesn't seem like something that would work at your place. =)

Gracefully Vintage said...

Ok , I LOVE your little side table/inn table thing you turned into a kitchen (LOVE that) my little ones are too old, youngest is 7 I love creating stuff like that. ANd I love the hutch with one drawer- all white..So cute.. OH yes, i see the doggy bed next to it- love it, im working another one right now.thanks again for following, and i am an excited Follower now..Thanks
i notice a lot of gals have etsey- is it worth it?