Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Eggs and Tulips

photo courtesy Midwest Living

I was so excited when this month's copy of "Midwest Living" ended up in the mail box. (Thanks for the supscription mom.) They had the cutest ideas for spring flower arrangements including this beautiful watering can offering.
Since I was already the proud owner of a vintage watering can I decided to give it a shot, and I'm pleased with the results. Of course I used silks, because here in this portion of the Midwest (Michigan) the sun can still be very hit or miss. I didn't want to worry about fresh tulips and if it was too cold for them. Thankfully, you can find some pretty convincing silks. Come warmer weather, I might just trade out the tulips for more warm weather flowers like Gerber Daisies.
Here's my Easter Basket offering. Last fall, a friend gave me this giant basket and I've loved decorating it seasonally. I really wanted to find some giant Easter Eggs for it and was lucky enough to find some at St. Vincent DePaul along with some crazy grass-like stuff. The eggs only cost $1 a piece. Later I saw some at Micheal's for $10 a piece for similar size. That would have broken the decorating bank.

I'd really like to find an Easter Bunny  that looks like it was made out of chocolate, but for now this mesh bunny will have to do.


amanda said...


seriously. I kept admiring that cover of Midwest Living (mom got me that sub. too). I might've known you would be working up your own version!

And the easter basket! Oh! I can totally understand why the mailman had to say something about it!

Tina said...

Oh these are just gorgeous!! I love your tulips in the watering can!! Wishing you a wonderful day ~ Tina x

Yaya said...

Love it Rene! I bet Jack thinks you've done a super job too. Glad you both like the Midwest Living, they do have some things that transfer easily into my "stash" of things...I did manage to get the snow shovel off the porch, but the mailman didn't even mention it!