Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's going to be a good day.

Things are not easy right now. All over, they are not easy. In our own home, things are not easy. Still, I try to remember things could be much, much harder.
It seems popular right now to reflect on the Great Depression. I think that's a good thing to do, especially if we remember that as dark as things seem now, they don't compare to then.
My Grandma's family was very poor during the depression... so poor that they were basically squatters in a ghost town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Now that's rough.
I love this poster from http://www.dazeychic.etsy.com/ "Today I Will Be Happier Than A Bird With A French Fry."
I'm trying to remember that life is good, even when times are tough and sometimes life is good because times are tough.


amanda said...

someone should write Grandma's story...

for real, nice reflective, inspiring most. often remembering the good, and reminding myself of how much worse it could be... really really helps!

praying for you guys.

Yaya said...

Love you kiddo and you know I'm pulling for you guys, I've called in much bigger guns though, I'm talking to the big guy!