Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A necessary change

I know big television cabinets are becoming a thing of the past thanks to the flat screen t.v., which is why we were able to get this one so cheap at a garage sale. It use to be rustic pine, but I painted it to make it look a little more elegant.
Part of the reason I want a this massive piece of furniture was because my son was starting to toddle around and I was afraid our old one was too flimsy and he might be able to knock it over. No danger of that with this monster.
Flash forward a few months to a new house and a toddler who is doing more than toddling. See the gap underneath this massive piece of furniture? Well, while I was in the other room, my son, I think he was 18 months at the time, got his head stuck under there while trying to retrieve a ball. EMT's had to come to his rescue, lifting up the edge of the piece while I pulled him to safety. Well, it took me awhile, but I've removed that danger from our house with a little Victorian-style baseboard. Alas, I didn't make miter cuts because I only have a hand miter saw and these boards are pretty massive, but I think it looks pretty nice. It was a $30 fix, but it looks a lot better than something more makeshift.

My son's head won't get stuck and I can't see all the dust bunnies underneath of it now. Everyone is happy.

Now that he's 2, who knows won't new dangers he'll discover in our seemingly benign home.


Yaya said...

Looks great Rene, one day you'll have the miter saw....rrrrrrrr!

amanda said...

that looks awesome. totally not what I pictured in my head-- in my head it wasn't so pretty. So I am glad you took pictures!