Thursday, March 26, 2009

I wanted to be posting about Roman Shades

Isn't this little lady cute? I bought her to sell, but I can't bring myself too. It gives me hope that I may one day golf again. Although I can't be hopeful about what the results will be when that day does come.Well, I've been hoping to post pictures of the new Roman Blinds I've made, but I haven't had the chance too finish them yet. I'm following the directions from this blog And the directions have been good, finding the time to follow them has been trickier.
I bought this cute little rabbit family about seven years ago and I think they've only been on display once. Springs have been very busy for me. I got married in the spring, had a baby in the spring, moved in the spring. While all those previous springs have been blessings, I'm thankful this year for a spring that's a little less busy.

I think this little rabbit clan is too... who wants to be kept in a plastic bin for seven years?


amanda said...

i love the rabbit family. they are probably relieved to be outta that bin...

i hadn't realized how stinkin' crazy your springs have been... put your feet up and relax this season!

Yaya said...

Everything looks adorable...and don't worry, the shades will get finished!