Friday, March 20, 2009

A project is never done

When I recovered a pair of chairs too match each other I thought they were done, but that never happens for me... I can never leave well enough alone.
Case in point, this little pillow... I got it through and I loved it, but it looked a little dingy and I didn't really think it could be cleaned without risking total destruction.
So, I took off the buttons and made a new pillow and simply reattached the yoyos! I added some buttons too. I think it looks as good as new. Now, if I can only keep my son from pulling the buttons off. (:

I also decided these chairs needed a little something more, so I added skirts to them. I just love them now. They have a casual, elegance and I like that they aren't showing off their legs. Sometimes less is more. If I ever decide I want them to be daring, little hussies again, the skirts can be removed easily.


Liz said...

Fabulous! Just fabulous! I'm so impressed.

amanda said...

daring little hussies =) you make me laugh.

they look great!

bonus... you can stuff toys under them when company's comin! nobody will ever know what they got under them there skirts

Yaya said...

After seeing them in person I think they are great too!