Monday, March 16, 2009

It might just be here!

These little signs of Spring are brought to you by our home's previous owners. Last year, spring was a bit of a blur. We moved into a new house, amidst snow and ice. I didn't have time to notice flowers. I was busy settling into life in a new place.
This year, despite all the economic uncertainties, things feel a little calmer and it's good to feel like life is renewing itself.
I'm a gal, who loves the beginning of every season, but Spring is especially heartening. It's so full of promise. It feels like a new beginning is possible, even when times are tough.
If a little crocus can push it's way through the cold dirt, surely my family and I can muster through some hard economic times and an uncertain future. We do, after all, have our health and each other.
I know All-State is just trying to sell insurance, but I like their latest ad campaign that says something like, "Times like these make us appreciate the simple things and the simple things are pretty good."
I don't know the lady who planted these bulbs, but where ever she's living now, I hope she has a little flower blooming in her yard too.
I hope you do too.


Dee Larson said...

I can hardly wait for spring as well. Thanks for your great comment on my blog. btw. I love your blog's banner...absolutely fun!
Dee from "our little love nest"

amanda said...

I love the hopefulness Spring brings... and I am glad you are feeling it.

Praying for you guys. Keep appreciating the good things ;)