Thursday, September 29, 2011

Until we meet again.

Wow, my trip to the Michigan Antique Festival was a whirlwind, but I loved it. I showed great restraint in making purchases at the festival too. I was there after all to make a little money, but I couldn't resist this little sled. I haven't decided just where I'm going to use it at Christmas, but I'm very excited to add it to my Christmas decor.

I also brought home this round table, thanks to my mom. She let me have it. I've been wanting a round table and this one was my grandparents, making it extra special. I need to refinish it. I'm thinking of doing a dark stain on top and cream on the bottom. 
As you can see, I also have to figure out seating...that means fixing up some projects.

I intended to take this chair (and it's match) to Midland with me but, alas, there was no room. I kind of like them, so I may just hang on to them for a little bit. I keep trying to funk up my living space, but I keep falling back on these traditional looks. I can't help myself, I like the classics.

You'd think I'd be antiqued out after spending my weekend at the festival, but I still had to take a gander at the Goodwill when I got home. I was so happy to find this great turkey platter. I've always loved them (though I've never made a turkey) and I'm especially fond of this brown transfer ware one. 

The only bad thing is my kettle corn is already gone. I guess there is always next year.

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amanda said...

the sled is adorable, did it fit in the fireplace? Can't wait to see the table all fixed up!