Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Tour

My grandmother gave me this tree two years ago. It was my great grandmother's. It has become especially dear to me this year because my grandmother died last summer. This will be my first Christmas without her and it already seems a strange. She lived a long and lovely life, but I still wasn't ready to lose her. I'm glad I was blessed with so many memories and there are mementos from her all over my home, but this little tinsel tree is among my favorites. My memories of my great grandmother are very vague, but I'm glad my grandmother entrusted me with one of her mother's festive treasures.

 I actually got my nativity set out this year. Since my son came, I had kept it packed to afraid that he would break it, but this year I knew he was old enough to keep his hands off. I love this nativity set, which my husband and I picked out at Bronner's with a gift card we received as a wedding present.
 This year, I decided to put an old frame to use as a card holder. I used some paint, some chicken wire and paper clips to turn this old frame (also from my grandmother) into a special place to put our cards.
 My mom surprised me by sending me a real wreath. It was one of the best surprises ever. I LOVE it. I hung some vintage, child skates in the middle and called it great. It's so beautiful in all it's real splendor that I decided less is more.
I'm afraid the same can not be said for the mantle and tree. I guess I'm from the school that there can never be enough baubles when it come to my tree. (:

Merry Christmas! I'm so thankful for this time of year when we can focus on the Birth of Christ. Happy Holidays to those of another Faith, may the New Year be full of blessings for us all and may we grow in understanding and love for one another.


amanda said...

LOVE the skates on the wreath.

LOVE the tinsel tree. so very thankful for the bits and pieces Grandma has passed along to us through the years. They are especially treasured this year for sure.

I am glad you were brave enough to get out the nativity this year, it is so beautiful.

I think its ok to be over the top with your mantle and tree, especially since you have such pretty pieces all around.

Yaya said...

Love all of it Rene, can't wait to come down and see it all in person!

You do a great job with everything and I know Grandma was always thrilled (tickled pink) whenever she saw some of the things you had used!

Love you hon!