Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've been sewing

Sometimes when I'm at the thrift store, it's so frustrating to see cute clothes in the wrong sizes, so I decided to take matters in my own hands and take my sewing machine to some. This Gap shirt was to big for Jack, so I cut it down and sewed back together to make it fit.

My favorite part of the outfit, however, is the pants. I took a men's shirt and made these plaid pants. I used a pair of Jack's pants as a basic pattern. I took off the pockets and reattached them to the sides to make the pockets. I made the pants mostly last night while watching "Dancing With the Stars."

I found this tutorial very helpful.

The nice thing about working with thrifted items is that there's not a lot of money invested, so if you really screw up (ask me about a recent felted sweater mishap)... no big deal.


amanda said...


(caps lock is not translating nearly as powerfully as I intend it to...)


So, a men's shirt, huh? and you ended up with those cuties... wow. super duper work sister.

Yaya said...

Okay...I am sorry I haven't seen these earlier....haven't been on....but I LOVE them. You did a great job, very inventive on your part, and Jack looks like he thinks they are great too!