Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why should Oprah have all the fun?

You don't have to be Oprah or Julie Andrews to make a list of your favorite things.
It's really easy, favorite chocolate: See's, favorite color: Vintage Map, favorite sport: baseball, favorite splurge: Lunch at Cafe Lila with my little guy... see how easy it is?
So I decided in that spirit to have "My Favorite Things" party...details are forthcoming, but mark you calendars for Dec. 13. I'm excited about having a group of ladies at my house to celebrate one of my favorite seasons!!!!
Speaking of favorite things, I'm a big fan of my house. I just came across a picture of it from before we even put on offer on it. There's a lot of stuff going on in our lives right now that might mean leaving my little dream house and I really think that will be okay, as long as my favorite people (oh and the pets too) go with me.
Quoting one of my favorite movies, "UP"
"Sorry about your house, Mr. Fredrickson," says Russel.
"It's just a house," says Mr. Fredrickson.
Nothing like Disney Pixar to put some things into perspective.
Sorry start thinking of your some of your favorite things and stay posted.


Yaya said...

Ah Rene, I love your thoughts! I still have to see up...guess I better get out and rent or buy the movie! I'm still thinking about all my favorite things...including my favorite oldest daughter.

amanda said...

{you better also be thinking about your favorite youngest daughter, Mother.}

See's may also be my favorite chocolate, I do love Fabiano's in Lansing though. Can't wait to hear how your shin-ding goes, it sounds like it will be a wonderful time!