Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Ugly Chair Bites the Dust

As always, I forgot to take before pictures, but this was a pretty straight forward intervention. The finish had seen better days and the seat was flattened and uninspired. This is the second chair I've done using this fabric which has Italian vignettes on it. I love the contrast of the black with the white.
It was going to stop there, but
.... then I decided to add some Italian words using a technique I learned about reading this blog

I used scrapbook letters to form the words and repainted the chair to give a very cohesive look. I love the black on black look of it, even though its a little hard to photograph.

I also used it on a frame for my latest decoupage project. I hope to list this soon in my etsy shop


amanda said...

that rocks! it looks so good!

Yaya said...

I love that technique, I didn't look at the instructions, but I will soon! I think we need to find a little ole gas station and set up a "Rest your Seat" shop!

Theresa Roach said...

Good job with the chair makeover!