Thursday, November 20, 2008

Truly broken now!

I'm not sure what this snowman has against life, but I dropped him again and now he is truly broken. ): Luckily the snowman himself is fine, he just wrecked his ride. I thought I'd share some of the process of creating these little fellas.
The process really starts when I'm at an antique or thrift store and I spot items that my little crew can hold or items I can use to decorate them, like old buttons. Sometimes I don't know how I'm going to use an item. For instance, I picked up a couple old felt stockings that were in very rough shape, but they were too precious to leave behind. I was able to cut them up and salvage them. Part of one stocking is pictured above with the "Noel" banner the snowman on the very left is holding.
These are some of the guys in progress. First I make a figure and then I cover them in paper clay. I've been experimenting with what I can make their figures out of and I found egg cartons work well.

This picture was from a 2004 Country Living. I draw some inspiration from it, while still trying to maintain my own vision. Many times the look of my snowguys, just evolves as a I make them.

Don't they just make you smile?
I've always wanted to find an vintage example, to the ones pictured above, but have never had much luck. The other day, at an antique store, I did find an affordable, cute snowman. He had a pine cone body and a little cloth head. So cute, but the mother in me just wouldn't let me buy him.
Why not? The little guy was smoking!


Yaya said...

a smoking snow way, wouldn't that make him melt...I got home okay! Love all the stuff you have on here Rene, glad I stopped by.

Yaya said...

Rene, I love that picture of all the snow wnder why so many love them!

amanda said...

i like the process pictures. who would'a thought? all that cuteness from toilet paper rolls and styrofoam balls??????

Jess said...

cute lil snowmen! Nice blog!