Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I got the nicest surprise in the mail!

A dear college friend sent me a special little mini-scrapbook of my son in his Halloween costume. It was just so precious.

She also sent a beautiful hand-stamped card that said," The season of friendship lasts forever." I'm so glad that's true.

The little gift was so uplifting to me because I've really been struggling to get my etsy shop open.
It seems that just when I'm ready to start I feel like there's something else I have to figure out. This gift reminded me that handcrafting something ultimately isn't about making money (Although it would be nice if I could) it's about making people happy.

Today, I dropped one of more poor little snowmen I've been working on and I didn't get to upset about it...He's broken now, but I think he's salvagable for my own collection. (:
Go make someone happy!
I know I am....Thanks Heather.


amanda said...

so sweet! what a great encouragement =)

peata said...

sweet mini.

make a mini scrapbook