Friday, November 7, 2008

It's been a week of thrifting!

It was a great day for thrifting yesterday. My son and I (poor little mister) popped into about three different shops. I was excited to find the St. Vincent De Paul across town much improved. I had almost given up on it. I found this cute Christmas Platter.

I hang my platters on the wall and I think when Christmas gets closer it will be fun to bring some holiday spirit to the kitchen.

I also got my son a Little Tykes "Cozy Coupe" for a whole $5. That's right, $5!

My greatest find though was an a Wild Turkey bottle from 1976. I have a little shelf in our entryway (came with the house, but I think it's cute) that I decorate for the seasons. I was so excited to find the Turkey Bottle and a little turkey to grace the corner and to pair with an old Turkey picture I had gotten from an old magazine cover ... Oh that reminds me... I have some turkey post cards I'll have to add to the mix.
I love decorating with old post cards and you can often find them for a song. Christmas and Easter are the easiest to find, but Thanksgiving ones are pretty prevalent too. I know a lot of people skip over Thanksgiving when it comes to decorating but it remains one of my favorite Holidays and I think Tom the Turkey deserves some attention!

I'll have to go find those post cards to make the vignette complete.


Amy Bell said...

hey girl! i have your bags for you!
email me at

talk to you soon!

Kathy said...

Cute blog! I love resale shops as well and have many a grat bargain there. I am all for recycling neat things! Looking forward to your etsy shop!

Kathy said...

Sorry, I can't type today at all! That was supposed to be, have found many a great bargain there! Yikes!

Good Dirt Jewelry said...

Love your blog! I love hunting for treasure at our local thrift shop :)