Monday, October 13, 2008

Yeah, good stuff!

I found this adorable lamp at Fratz consignment and I plan to sell it in my Etsy shop once I get it up and running. I just think it is too cute. You actually can twist the little dog in front of the train and it plays music. So clever.
I fell in love with this plate as soon as I saw it and as one who loves to decorate seasonally, I'm excited to have something festive like this that I can leave out year round. It was also from Fratz consignment

Both these chairs came from St. Vincent DePaul. I bought them at different times. I bought the chair on the right first and recovered it in a light aqua color, but then I brought the other chair home and couldn't find any fabric that I thought went with aqua and the striped fabric began to grow on me so I decided to recover the other chair...again. Not to worry, I think I did a better job the second time. I'm thinking of investing in a new staple gun though, I'm getting too many blisters recovering these items... my hands look like Scarlett O'Hara's after the dirty Yankees came to Tara.


12-arrows said...

Your talents are AMAZING! I am so glad you are using them too! I love the dog paintings they are absolutely adorable! Especially JACK! just too cute

every simple day said...

If you have a will -- or if you get around to writing one -- can I please, please, please have that "I love everything" sign? I love it!

I like your new blog by the way!