Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting Paddywack Designs off the ground

Selling my work is a dream that was born when my son was born. I painted two pictures for his room because I just couldn't find anything that I wanted for him.
I first painted pictures of our dogs, a Jack Russel named Buddy and a Dachshund named Shamus. I discovered I really loved doing it and wanted to be able to paint more of these "naive" offerings.

I'm hoping to launch an Etsy shop soon. I can only hope that these paintings will appeal to others (I'm running out of pets to immortalize).
I have some other projects up my sleeve too. I'm currently addicted to "rescuing" ugly chairs and giving them a second chance.
It's in its beginning stages but you can visit my shop at
Be take a look at the other offerings on Etsy ... it is inspiring to see the art and craft of so many talented people.
This Holiday Season consider buying Handmade ... makes it really easy to do.

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Yaya said...

Rene, Great job....I'm glad I can finally show some of your projects off to other people!