Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chair Recovery Project

Rescuing chairs began simply enough, we needed furniture after moving into a new house and couldn't afford new. I started looking for chairs I could recover and a I was hooked. Here are some of my favorite projects.
This chair was rescued from the side of the road and it had clearly seen better days. I liked the shape of it because it reminded me of an old chair I had as a kid. (Remember those old step-stool chairs.)
With a little TLC the chair is looking very cheerful now and it works perfectly as a play-doh chair for my son.
This little child's rocker was rescued from an antique store and a life spent in awful vinyl. It's now awaiting a dear friend's little one and is excited about being one of the first pieces of furniture in the nursery!
I love the elegant lines of this chair. I got it off of after requesting a chair that wouldn't be too difficult to recover. It really worked out well. Currently it's been displaced from our family room by a doggy bed. It would be grateful for a new home, but I don't think I'm ready to part with it because it was one of my first projects.

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