Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little works big on love

I've been busy making artwork for a unique sale our local museum is having. It's called the Titillating '20s Bash and Petite Parlour. The event has two purposes: first to introduce its Fabulous Flappers exhibit and to raise money through a petite art sale. The museum is consigning tiny artworks, 4"x6" for sale for $30 a piece. The Ella Sharp Museum gets half and the artist gets half.

As soon as I saw the fundraiser, I wanted to be involved somehow. I love The Ella Sharp Museum. It was one of the first places I ventured out to when we first moved to the area.

It took me a little bit, but eventually I came up with a big idea for these diminutive pieces of art.
 I'm calling the series "Don't forget your Mitten." I made 9 different "Mittens" in all.

 I felted sweaters and then cut out the shape of Michigan. Well, technically I just cut out the lower peninsula...please don't be offended Yoppers. I love the U.P. I spent wonderful family vacations there. My grandmother spent much of her childhood there. I settled on doing just the lower portion of the state because I thought it was so fitting with the theme, "Don't forget your Mitten."

 I sewed buttons in the approximate spot of Jackson, Mi my adopted hometown and the location of the Ella. I hope people will respond to them. I think they have a quirky, happy attitude. Things have been pretty tough here in Michigan, so I thought we could all use a little happy.
While I mostly focused on my love for the long suffering Michigan, I also couldn't resist a little puppy love.

"Dachshund Valentine"
Inspired by my own little "love."

To find out more about the sale and the party (which sounds really fun) go the the Ella Sharp Museum site and scroll down until you see the Titillating '20s Bash and Petite Parlour.

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