Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So I'm not a skier...

That doesn't mean I can't use some great skis for decorating my front stoop. A while back I found some great bamboo ski poles for a whole $1. I went back to St. Vincent DePaul and kept checking on the skis (I was going purely on looks) and found this fantastic red pair. They cost me $4.

Then I went to my favorite local resale shop called "Encore" (all their proceeds go to support Jackson Christian Schools, so that's nice) and found these great skates for $2. Don't they look awesome on my wreath?

I also got these greens from St. Vincent DePaul for a whole 49 cents.
So, I may not ski or skate, but my favorite sport - thrifting- sure did pay off!
I think I got a whole lot of look for $7.50.


every simple day said...

that looks fantastic!

esque said...

That's a great idea! I love their color! I love thrift stores!