Monday, December 22, 2008

It's been a busy day

I've made three sales in three days. It's strange what seems to sell. The things I love aren't the big hits I think they'll be.
However, I knew I spotted some winners when I picked up these items. I guess it was only natural that these little chickens just flew off my virtual store shelf.
Birds seem to be hot in Etsyland, because this tin went flew too.

When I worked in the newspaper industry it was always a joke that dogs land you on the front page.
But they are man's best friends and these two little pooches will be headed to a new home soon.
I can only hope some of my older listings will find new homes soon too. Now I have room to find a few more contenders! Jack and I will have to hit our haunts after Christmas.


every simple day said...

I do find it intriguing - what sells and what doesn't. I love the tea pot thing though, oh my that was a good find!

Yaya said...

I took a look over at the Etsy shop and I think the header is really cute! Well worth letting someone else spend the time on it while you get out and "find" some more! Great job!