Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My friend is having a baby girl!

I've passed along many a cute outfit to friends who have younger little guys than my Jack. I love seeing Jack's old duds given new life on other cuties.  I found out a close was expecting a little girl...I thought I was out of luck on passing-clothes-along front. Her son had looked so cute in some of Jack's hand-me-downs, that I was disappointed I couldn't do the same for her daughter.                                         

When I found a cute pair of red pants for the little one, I decided this old shirt of Jack's had potential.

I added some lace to the front. Cut off the collar and used some bias tape  to give it a rounded neck. In a last little tweak, I decided to make the sleeves cuter by running a bit of elastic through the sleeve hem to gather them a little. I made a pair of matching shoes using this great tutorial by Prudent Baby.
 It's not the typical baby-girl pink, but it's girly all the same.


amanda said...

so sweet. all of it! love the little bits of lace and the red, white & blue color combo is always adorable!

Yaya said...

Really came out great Rene! I love it all, I know you and Amanda would have worn the tail out of that outfit! I know the baby will look outstanding in her duds.