Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I got a new puppy!

I've been wanting to welcome a new puppy into our home, but it's just not practical right now. But who could resist these sad eyes?

 When the CSN Stores offered me a chance to do a review for them...with any product I wanted (a hard decision given the wide range of their products) I couldn't resist this Jack Russel Terrier Pillow. I fell in love with it on my computer screen but it's even better in person --- well-made and a fun fashion statement for our living room. The pillow came for CSN's All Modern store. The pillow is part of their Fauna line and there were so many cute pillows to choose from, it was hard to settle on the Jack Russel, but like I said, I couldn't resist those sad eyes.

Buddy, our own prick-ear Jack Russel, seems to like our new addition.

I've been doing a lot of window shopping lately at CSN's new Joss and Main site. The site features different sales everyday. Some of it is high-end, which is fun to see and some of it is practical, like cookware. I've seen some great gift ideas too. I like that I never know what I'm going to see at Joss and Main. I look forward to seeing the deals their offering up everyday. Go investigate yourself. If you use my link to sign up I get some credit. (:

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amanda said...

Buddy is nearly irresistable in that picture. cute pillow too...

i signed up to give you some credit! ;)