Monday, September 20, 2010

A tour of my new kitchen

I know, I know I should have some before shots, and they exist some place, but I was eager to share my afters, now that I've got my camera back. The cabinets use to be wood, with an orangey type of finish. I repainted them cream and black with a glaze over the top.
Yikes, does your fridge look like this?

It's not a farmhouse sink (my dream), but removing the old cupboard door, replacing the apron, adding some legs and making a skirt gives the kitchen the retro feeling I was going for... I also added an old panel from an organ that I got from a consignment store, over the window to add more history.
I wanted to add molding to the top of the cabinets, but I struggled with that, so instead I did a faux baten board treatment, which makes a nice backdrop for my pottery collection. I had greenish glass knobs from a redo project I did a while back, so the cream cabinets got those and the black cabinets got new chrome knobs.

I still have a few tweaks in my head, but all in all I love the kitchen. It is much more my style now and I think it belongs more in this house. Making the changes also didn't cost me much because I found the cream paint color I liked at Habitat for Humanity Restore (Nice Benjamin Moore, it was like butta) and picked up the black Ralph Lauren Paint (also very nice) at Home Depot when they stopped carrying that line. My paint cost me under $20.


amanda said...

{please pardon my language}

SHUT THE FREAKING FRONT DOOR! that looks SO fantastic! I mean, for real, seriously, fan-freakin-tastic!

everything looks so great (yes my fridge looks just like that).

you REALLY should dig up a couple of the before pics just to show how dramatic the change was... the counters even look great with such awesome cupboards!

I bet Bob LOVES it now. (or he's just glad its done)

Yaya said...

I love it Rene...but you know that don't you...can I come back and see it sometime soon??