Monday, May 3, 2010

Respite in Detroit

This year for our anniversary we decided to escape to the big city, but that didn't mean we had to forgo quaint. We stayed at the Inn At Ferry Street, which is really a series of Victorian Mansions, which have been restored for use as a bed and breakfast, but with 40 guests rooms it's really a hotel. It was a lovely place to stay.
This is the house we called home for the night. It's interior was filled with wonderful turn of the century details.

The Inn also has two carriage houses, including this one that is used for meetings. Ferry St. is right off of Woodward, not far from downtown and right next to the Detroit Art Institute and Wayne State University. Part of the reason I wanted to stay at the Inn At Ferry Street is because I think it demonstrated the kind of vision Michigan needs. Instead of letting these buildings crumble, someone saw possibility.
Otherwise, these beautiful homes, could have just been left to rot... like this one. A visit to Detroit does have it's heart breaking moments... blight and echos of a great past... but there is a resilience there for which it doesn't get enough credit... much like Flint and even, to some extent, my new home of Jackson. All three cities have been hit very hard by the struggles of the auto industry and there's plenty of judgement to go around, but I'm thankful to all the people who are willing to take a risk and believe and invest in their futures.

It was hard to be so close to the DIA and not go in, but this was a quick weekend, so we headed downtown for a baseball game.

We had a quick lunch at Detroit Beer Company, and the night before we had a lovely dinner at the new Angelina Italian Bistro. I'd recommend both places, both are on Broadway right across from the Detroit Opera House. (A favorite place, Small Plates, is right next to the DBC.)

It was an awesome game and the Tigers swept the Angels, in what was almost a shut-out for Justin Verlander. The skies threatened rain most the day, but we only had to contend with a few sprinkles in the ninth.
The last five years have been full of blessings and hardships and we've weathered them. I know they'll be more hard times ahead, it seems that's how life works, but I have the best teammate a girl could ask for and I'm looking forward to the next inning.


amanda said...

that was a beautiful post, I got all teary-eyed on the last paragraph.

Glad you had a great anniversary weekend, looks like you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves too!

Tina said...

So wonderful that you had such a great anniversary! Loved seeing the pics of Detroit, I have not been there. The Inn where you stayed is just stunning!! ~ Tina xx