Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some lessons keep teaching

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Awhile back, I was lucky enough to come across some great Sunday School Lesson Art and I've been coming up with things to do with it ever since. This is my favorite piece. I'm so into chalkboard paint... it's a little ridiculous, but hey it can be useful for telling your hubby you love him every now and again ... or if you need to get some eggs. This little lady looks right at home in my kitchen, now if she could only do the dishes too.

I made this cork board to hang over my son's little desk. Isn't the illustration so cute. Much cuter than the flannel boards they were using when I was in Sunday School.

Speaking of my son, here's Jack. He never likes to get his picture taken, unless I'm trying to get a picture of a chair.

I used this Sunday School Art for an old school desk, along with some old flash cards. I've always had a thing for maps... in fact, I once had a rather nice globe collection, until the aforementioned son got a hold of them. Any ideas for a half a globe? I'd welcome them.

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Better After said...

Hi there! I'm loving your blog! So many great projects! I'd love to feature some on my blog, c'mon over and check it out! I'm especially eyeing that dog bed! What a great idea!