Thursday, June 11, 2009

The hardwork is beginning to pay off

Okay, it doesn't look like much now, but I'm hoping soon my hard work will pay off, this garage was once lined with nothing but day lilys, which are lovely, but I like a little variety. Last year I grew lovely sunflowers along side our house, but I decided to stick with vegetables and herbs in that location, so I decided to make this my sunflower location. They are already starting to sprout.
This corner was a mass of tree saplings and an old tree stump. I managed to hack some of the old stump away and then decided to just roll with the punches and make it a bit of a focal point, note the birdhouse.

again, this was nothing but day lillys. Now there is a peony bush, a variegated willow bush, some bugle weed, yarrow, Russian sage and a lilac bush. I filled this flower garden with items donated to me by my neighbor and from items that I planted last year that I decided to move.
I donated the day lillys to people through
Nothing is bloom but I think it is already a big improvement, now if we can get the grass to grow and the darn dogs out of it, we'll be set.

The buildings pictured belong to my neighbors and the adjoining property is theirs. It runs the entire length of our driveway and it's what we see when we look out the dining room window.
Last year, I asked the neighbor belonging to the far garage if she would mind if I made it a flower garden... since she doesn't even see the area, she was very obliging.
This year, my other neighbor said I was welcome to plant the area along her garage. It only took me about three days to rip out all the sod, but I think the effort was well worth it.
I really wish I could put a window box underneath that window, but asking someone to let you attach something to their building is probably a little much. (:

A thrift store $1 tool box packed with flowers and Jack's little shovel, which he calls "baby shovel."


amanda said...

awesome! and I love the 'baby shovel'. Watch out, you might get a green thumb, sissy!

Joan said...

You will be amazed how good this will look next year. It takes a little time for everything to get established, but all your work will pay off. Happy Monday.

Jen Wescott said...

Wow! That looks great! I am not a gardener, but wish I was :)

Yaya said...

It really looks great Rene, can't wait to see it myself!