Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Pink Bathroom

I live in a house of boys. My husband, obviously, is a man. I have a 2-year-old son. I have two dogs, both males. Our orange tabby-cat, you guessed it, a guy. And as for the Beta fish, I can't confirm its sex, but don't they normally sell males?
So, I decided I needed at least one truly "girly space" though my husband probably would argue that much of the house is "girly." I decided our upstairs bathroom was a good candidate. I painted it a color called "dress pink."
I think it was a good compromise. As you can see in the pictures, it is fairly pale, though in person it is a bit brighter.
The shower curtain is an old, linen bedspread that I got from and I dyed it gray to avoid the room being to sickening sweet. Our bathroom has original black and white, basket weave tile, which looks smashing with the pink.
With a son named Jack, I have a thing for "Jack and Jill" items and decided that the bathroom was a good spot for them.

Here's a cute little card I found on I framed it and added it a wall that displays "Jack and Jill" sheet music. A favorite purse. Jack's handprint and a vintage textile block.

My husband said, "It looks nice." He may just be grinning and bearing it, but I like to think he doesn't hate it.

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Yaya said...

I love it Rene, can't wait to get down to see it!